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Gabriela Álvarez-Martinez is a chef and soon-to-be herbalist. She founded Liberation Cuisine in 2014 with the intention of nourishing movements of change with sustainable ingredients and just business practices. In 2015 Gabriela became the Kitchen Manager at Soul Fire Farm, where she cooked for the Black and Latinx Immersion Program. Since her time at El Puente beginning in 2012  Gabriela has been leading cooking classes that center traditional recipes and food as medicine. ​

Gabriela began cooking after studying community health and ethnic studies at Brown University. There she was a royce fellow and was introduced to food justice. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Culinary and Healing Arts. 

Gabriela is currently a RWJF Culture of Health Fellow and a Sacred Vibes Apothecary Apprentice.

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