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Liberation Cuisine began with a determination to provide healthy food to movements for social justice. Catering Caribbean, health-conscious, and customizable menus has been central to the growth of this business.


In order to figure out the best way forward, catering is paused until future notice. 

Email for pricing and more information. 

Movement Meals

Inspired by the principles of mutual aid and a commitment to food preparation, Liberation Cuisine is shifting to incorporate a new project called Movement Meals,


Since the uprisings for Black lives, 590 meals have been distributed to protestors, healing spaces, and the City Hall occupation to Defund the NYPD.


Join a growing network of people cooperating to sustain a longterm movement of equity that will nourish generations to come.  

Sign up to get involved.. 

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Cook Club

Cook Club is a weekly gathering to share recipes and prepare meals together. It has become a space for people to celebrate their own recipes and learn basic cooking skills that make them a stronger cook. This space is available as a gift. Everyone is welcome to participate and even share a recipe of their own. We meet biweekly.

Email to get involved. 

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