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Meal Planning

Master the home cooking game 


Chef + Health Coach

Supporting people on their food and health journeys is why I went to culinary school. Graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute launched my career not just as a culinarian, but as a healer. I learned cooking techniques that make food flavorful, but also nourish and heal the body. As a certified health coach, I want to give you tools that support you in implementing your own health routines, including a solid meal plan! 

I myself have had to adjust my diet and lifestyle in order to address a chronic disease I was diagnosed with 10 years ago. The journey has been long, and not only have I found balance for my body, but it's become seamlessly integrated into my life. I can't wait to share my best practices, skills I've learned along the way, and get cooking together!

About This Workshop Series 

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